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Natural Medicine Testimonials | The Clinic of Natural Medicine


Ulcerative Colitis/Musculo-skeletal issues/Deep anxiety issues/Underactive thyroid

Dear Janet,
Thank you for an inspirational consultation. I am aware of how much progress I have made and look forward to future improvements. This, I believe is only achievable through Naturopathic medicine and I feel confident that all will be well. I look forward to seeing you again next month.

Mrs Joyce K, Cumbria, UK

Kidney Stones

I contacted Janet in late January 2012 on the recommendation of my sister-in-law, herself a homoeopath and thermographer, after suffering acute and debilitating abdominal pains whilst at work I was rushed by ambulance to hospital and diagnosed with a large kidney stone (12mm by 4mm) for which I'd not had any previous warnings or history of. I should say at this point that by and large my family and I favour and use homoeopathic and naturopathic medicine for any ailments but the emergency circumstances of my situation momentarily took this out of my hands.

My stay in hospital was brief and involved one session of lithotripsy which was unsuccessful and painful. Once back home I contacted Janet. Despite her busy schedule, Janet kindly assessed my case and subsequently sent me details of a tried and tested kidney dissolver and some kidney tea. I proceeded to take these whilst still attending consultations at the hospital - I was now scheduled for an operation in April 2012. At my pre-op assessment in March 2012 a CT Scan was conducted and there was found to be NO SIGN OF THE STONE or any calcified deposits! Despite my previously telling the doctors about the naturopathic treatment I was undertaking, they showed no interest but were now suddenly very curious and enquiring about what I had done as this was unprecedented. They concluded the stone had totally dissolved and disappeared and conceded that they could only attribute it to whatever I'd done!

Janet was very pleased but not surprised at my news as it's what she confidently expected!! Of course, my family and I and my employers too, were ecstatic at this news and the avoidance and intrusiveness of an operational procedure and the disruption that comes with it. I should also say that I didn't feel any discomfort throughout my treatment.

Throughout and after Janet was fantastic, helpful and had such a calming and wonderful manner. I've continued with some stones aftercare remedies and will conduct Janet's own gall bladder flush in the near future as an added health enhancer. In fact, such is my interest in naturopathy I'm now looking at study of the subject and short courses! All this courtesy of Janet's gentle and wonderful treatment and long may her good work and practice continue and along with other naturopathic practitioners, show us all that in this day and age, there are other natural ways to tackle ailments.

Highly recommended!

Costas N, Surrey, UK

Serious food intolerance and sensitivities/underactive thyroid/very low energy/candida issues/body pain generally/ME.

After suffering for 12 years with all kinds of little symptoms from ear ache to ME my doctor just wanted to have me take tranquillizers hoping I'd just go away. A specialist suggested I got myself a bottle of gin and relaxed! If he had been bothered to find out what was wrong with me he'd have known that was the worst thing to suggest.

Then I found Janet - who's FCT treatment and liver and gallbladder flushes are just amazing !. The FCT treatment is the future, it is quite remarkable, I'm quite sure that without this treatment I would not have got well again. The liver and gallbladder flushes are so very important to do, I myself have cleared over 3000 gallstones and now find I can at last eat virtually anything (no wheat or sugar though�not good for anyone !)..I don't want the candida I had to return.

The way I feel now as to the way I felt when I first met this remarkable woman - well there is no comparison !

My grateful thanks to you Janet !

Mrs Pat C, Lancs UK


My daughter Amelia has been making small but gradual improvements ever since she started using the aloe vera cream. I think you know this much. Just recently though, her skin looks almost totally clear. I cannot tell you how much this means to us and want to thank you again. I cannot tell you how worried Mark and I were about Amelia as he was really having a hard time. I think that when I spoke to you about her I was probably at my wits end!

I am very grateful you took the time to care and to intervene in our lives and in the process start Amelia on the road to recovery. The Aloe Vera cream really helped to deal with the localised infections she was getting and things started to improve from then on.

Thank you for taking the time to care and in the process help to bring about a miracle in our lives.

My grateful thanks to you Janet !

Mrs Helena T, Greater Manchester

Learning difficulties

Our daughter was having learning and co-ordination difficulties, support was in place in school. We'd done as much as we could for her. We came across the FCT therapy and decided to give it a go. We followed the regime word for word and saw great improvements in her speech, writing and co-ordination after every session.

I would strongly recommend FCT as it has changed my daughter�s life. Progress has been amazing since the therapy. I also have her teachers telling us what fantastic development she is making.

Mrs Joanne S, Lancs UK

Schizophrenia and clinical depression

From the age of 7 I felt "strange", lots of funny thoughts and feelings.

My problems really began about 8 years ago when I visited my GP.

I was unable to concentrate, couldn't sleep, had no feelings, couldn't function and at one point I couldn't even write my own name. Worst of all, I didn't even care. I didn't think about committing suicide, but I could understand why someone would...

I was prescribed Seroxat antidepressants and told to come back in 6 weeks, when I did return to my doctor there was no improvement at all. I was then prescribed Carbamazepine to take in conjunction with the antidepressants�� and told to come back in 6 weeks.

Six weeks later, again no improvement so I was given an antipsychotic drug to take in conjunction with the Seroxat and Carbamazepine and again "come back in 6 weeks�. I was then prescribed Lithium for which I had to go for blood tests every 6 weeks. I was then referred to a psychiatrist at the hospital who asked "why I was taking such a cocktail of drugs, as I looked and seemed ok�. I was forever putting an act on. My GP informed me that I was bipolar/ with schizophrenic tendencies and I would have to take the 13 tablets daily for the rest of my life.

I continued to take the tablets as prescribed but I didn't feel any better, just like a zombie. In fact the side effects of the medications were sometimes worse than the illness they were treating. I had no interest, didn't want or like anything, in fact I didn't like myself. I was very difficult to live with, my wife was prescribed antidepressants to deal with me. In fact I was so difficult that my wife divorced me.

The day my wife met Janet was one of the best days of my life � I had hope of recovery. I must admit, like many people I was very sceptical of alternative remedies. I thought to myself "what could this lady do for me when my own GP had given up on me?�

I had several FCT treatments, some herbal and homoeopathic remedies and took everything just as advised. I slowly decreased my medications from my GP, until I was taking no prescription medications at all � yet feeling "better�.

I continued to improve over the coming months, although it was slow I was definitely feeling better.

I am now the best I have been in a long time, and am looking forward to the future. I am now back at home with my "ex� wife and our relationship is back as it was when we first met... if not better. This illness also affects your friends and family, in fact I can only describe it as being on "self- destruct� although you know you are doing it, you can't help it.

I would never have believed that alternative remedies could be so successful, had I not experienced them for myself.

Thank you so much Janet for everything you have done, without you I might not even be here today.

William, Lancs UK

Disclaimer: These testimonials are personal experiences and therefore they do not represent medical evidence but only patient's viewpoints.

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